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Red To Black
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Buy My Tronics
Wouldn't you like to make a little extra cash from old electronic gsdgets lying around your house, while helping out the planet by keeping this stuff out of landfills? Buy My Tronics is a great site making it easy for people to get rid of their old electronic equipment, while pocketing a little cash in the process. The process is simple, click thru and enter your equipment model number(s). Enter what you want to sell, and it's condition. They calculate the price they can pay, and they take care of the shipping charges. They'll either provide a shipping label, or send you a prepaid box to ship the item in. Just ship the product to them and after it arrives, they will either send payment or contact you if there is any difference between what they expected to get (based on you assessment of the item's condition) and what they ended up getting. In any case, these guys provide a great solution for people who would like to get rid of non-used electronic gadgets easily. Take a moment to gather up any old cellphones, iPods, laptops, desktops, game consoles and PDA's...and check out their site. Who know's, you just save enough money by selling your old stuff to be able to buy something new!

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